Take The Next Step & Own One...

Admit it, these bikes are just too much fun!

Not to mention, the benefits to your health and the environment. Perfect for on-island riding or commuting to the urban jungle. 


We did our homework and found a really cool brand with a little attitude. Riese & Müller  has been designing innovative bicycles, including the folding bike known as the Birdy, since 1993. Their e-bike designs combine function & utility with the highest quality components and craftsmanship.

We chose the Nevo & Packster Nuvincis for our rental fleet~ comfort, performance & internally shifting hubs make these ideal for riding around the island. There are more styles & options available.

Let us help you find the perfect ride.

Pick Your Pleasure


Sporty and comfortable, the deep step through design is ideal for touring or commuting. Hydraulic disk brakes & the upright geometry make this a fun bike to ride for any skill level.

available in red, blue or white

Starting at $5,099.00


City meets mountain with this stylish design. Step through design makes for easy commuting while the Control Technology and hydraulic disk brakes increase safety on our wet roads.

available in black, red or white

Starting at $6,059.00

Super Charger 2018

Frame-integrated design allowing dual batteries tucked away in the bike frame. Keeping the comfort and power, Charger riders are used to, this new design is sporty and an eye turner.

available in electric blue metallic & urban silver metallic

Starting at $5,699.00

New Charger 2018

The New Charger integrates the Bosch PowerTube into the frame, offering an additional option for this sporty design.

available in electric red metallic, black & pearl white


Starting at $5,469.00


This award winning design has sporty written all over it. The geometry of the frame, hydraulic disk brakes and suspension fork allows you to push it hard and enjoy aggressive riding. 

available in blue, white or black

Starting at $4,509.00

shown here with dual battery Bosch PowerTube in electric blue metallic    

shown here with dual battery Bosch PowerTube in electric blue metallic


shown here Mixte frame with Bosch PowerTube in electric red metallic

shown here Mixte frame with Bosch PowerTube in electric red metallic

shown here with dual battery pack option


shown here with dual battery pack option

Sporty touring bike, ready for island, city or mountain riding. Add an extra battery pack if you know you will extend your exploration. Control Technology with full suspension & wider tires make this a powerful, utilitarian riding machine.  

available in white, orange or grey

Starting at $6,509.00


Delite Mountain

shown here with dual battery pack option

shown here with dual battery pack option

This high-torque bike can conquer any terrain & maintains superb traction even at low speeds. The full suspension & the positioning of the motor is similar to unmotorized mountain bikes but with assistance.

available in white, orange or grey

Starting at $6,879.00


If you are looking for an elegant European bicycle, go no further. Make a statement cruising on the island or wherever your travels take you. 

available in black & white (Mixte style)

Starting at $4,389.00



18_Roadster_Urban_56_electric-green-metallic 2.JPG

Whether you stay on the island or ride in the city, this bike offers riding stability at all speeds. This is a great commuter bike with the straight handlebars & short stem~keeping traffic in view.

available in electric green, black or white

Starting at $4,139.00

2017 Swing Nuvinci

Sweet lines and the deep step through design makes this the perfect bike for comfortable island rides. 

We have a 43cm available today.




It may be small but the Tinker is mighty. This compact bike has 20" wheels to glide through traffic with ease. Whether you are 4'9" or 6'4", you will enjoy pedaling Tinker.

available in orange,azure blue or black

Starting at $4,989.00


Load Cargo 

shown with child seat and cover & rear carrier

Say goodbye car, hello Load. Enjoy the full suspension and adjustable positions for a comfortable ride. Carry your cargo or kids to town with ease.


available in white, cyan, graphite, urban safari & white

Starting at $7,389.00


Packster Cargo

Customizing your cargo bike was never so easy. Different lengths & box designs give you flexibility to design your dream cargo bike. 40cm, 60cm & 80cm options.

available in light or dark grey & red for the 40

Starting at $6219.00